Teaching Your Child at Home

Each child has a unique way of learning. The three learning modalities are the sensory channels we use to obtain and process information. Visual learners process information best with pictures and diagrams; these children learn best seeing things. Auditory learners learn best by listening and discussing things. Kinesthetic learners learn best with a hands on approach. Most children learn through all three learning modalities.

Temperament theory states that all people differ in their interests, attitudes, judgments, and perceptions. This greatly affects how we want to learn, what we want to learn, and the way we learn. When a parent learns what their child temperament style is, they can plan out how to effectively teach their child.

There are four temperament styles: where the attention is focused, how information is acquired, how decisions are made, and work habits and lifestyle.

The child is either extroverted or introverted, which means either focusing on outside objects, people events or inner world of ideas. The child is either sensing, which means the child acquires information from the senses (concrete and present) or intuition, which focuses on insight, inspiration, future, and possibility. The child either makes decisions based on logical analysis and cause and effect (thinking) or on personal values and the affect on the self (feeling). Lastly, the child prefers their life to be orderly and structured (judging) or spontaneous and flexible (perceiving).

Howard Gardner, originator of multiple intelligences, defines seven kinds of intelligence. Most children have strengths in two or three of them and need work on the rest. One kind of intelligence is verbal/linguistic, which is speaking and reading. Another type of intelligence is logical/mathematical, which is concepts and abstract patterns. Another kind of intelligence is visual/special which is thinking in images, pictures, shapes, and colors. Another kind of intelligence is musical, such as rhythm, pitch, melody and harmony. Another type of intelligence is bodily/kinesthetic, which is touch, making, and doing. And yet another type of intelligence is interpersonal, which is relating and cooperating with people. Last but not least is intrapersonal, which is independence and self-motivation.

Learning how your child perceives the world around him/her and learns will allow you to maximize their intellectual strengths and teach them effectively.

April 27th, 2013

Child’s Birthday Coming Up Soon, What Are You Planning to Do?

Are you going to be throwing a birthday party for someone soon? Need ideas what to do for that birthday party? I have a giant list of ideas for your next party. Here is my list for party themes that you might like to try, there are plenty of adult themes as well as themes for kids parties.


* 1920’s themed party
* 1930’s themed party
* 1940’s themed party
* 1950’s themed party
* 1960’s themed party
* 1970’s themed party
* 1980’s themed party
* 1990’s themed party
* 30th Birthday themed party
* 50th Birthday themed party
* 1st Birthday (see our 5 Hottest First Birthday themes)
* Abby Cadabby themed party
* African themed party
* Ali Baba themed party
* Alice in Wonderland themed party
* Alpine/Bavarian themed party
* American themed party
* Anime themed party
* Around the World themed party
* Art Deco themed party
* Asian themed party
* Atlantis themed party
* Australian themed party
* Avatar
* Baby Shower themed party
* Bachelor themed party
* Bachelorette themed party
* Back to school themed party
* Bar/Bat Mitzvah themed party
* Barbie themed party
* Barn Dance themed party
* Barnyard themed party
* Batman themed party
* Ben 10 themed party
* # Birthday themed party
* Black and white themed party
* Boogie Nights themed party
* Bollywood themed party
* Bridal shower themed party
* British themed party
* Buzz Lightyear themed party
* Cadillac Diner themed party
* Can-can French theme party
* Caribbean themed party
* Cars (the movie) themed party
* Cartoon themed party
* Casino Themed Party
* Charlies Angles themed party
* Chinese themed party
* Chinese New Year themed party
* Christmas themed party
* Cinco de Mayo
* Circus themed party
* Classical elegance themed party
* Colors themed party
* Contemporary themed party
* Cowboy themed party
* DC Comic themed party
* Dinosaur themed party
* Disco themed party
* Disney themed party
* Domo themed party
* Dora the Explorer themed party
* Earth Day themed party
* Egyptian themed party
* Fairy Tale Princess themed party
* Fancy Nancy themed party
* Film legends themed party
* Fire and ice themed party
* First Communion themed party
* Food themed party
* Football themed party
* French themed party
* Garden themed party
* Geek themed party
* God of War themed party
* Golf themed party
* Graduation themed party
* Grand Prix themed party
* Greek themed party
* Gypsys, tramps and thieves themed party
* Halloween themed party
* Halo themed party
* Hannah Montana themed party
* Harry Potter themed party
* Hawaiian themed party
* Heaven and Hell themed party
* Hello Kitty themed party
* High School Musical themed party
* Hippie Chick themed party
* Hollywood themed party
* Horror themed party
* Horse racing themed party
* How to Train your Dragon themed party
* Indian themed party
* Indiana Jones themed party
* Irish themed party
* Italian themed party
* James Bond themed party
* Japanese themed party
* Jazz and blues themed party
* Jungle themed party
* Las Vegas themed party
* Latin themed party
* Lego themed party
* Lil’ Prince 1st Birthday, themed party
* Lil’ Princess 1st Birthday, themed party
* Line Dance themed party
* Lion, Witch and Wardrobe themed party
* Little Mermaid themed party
* London themed party
* Look Who’s1 themed party
* Luau themed party
* Mardi Gras/New Orleans themed party
* Masked Ball themed party
* Medieval themed party
* Mediterranean themed party
* Mexican themed party
* Mickey Mouse themed party
* Millenium themed party
* Minney Mouse themed party
* Mod Monkey themed party
* Monte Carlo themed party
* Moroccan themed party
* Murder Mystery themed party
* Music themed party
* Narnia themed party
* NASCAR themed party
* Ni Hao, Kai-Lan
* Octoberfest themed party
* Orient Express themed party
* Oscar Night themed party
* Over the Hill themed party
* Peace themed party
* Peter Pan themed party
* Phantom of the Opera themed party
* Pink Skulls (girl pirate) themed party
* Pirate themed party
* Princess and the Frog themed party
* Prohibition/prison themed party
* Retirement themed party
* Retro themed party
* Reunion themed party
* Rock and Roll themed party
* Rock Star themed party
* Rocky Horror Picture Show themed party
* Roman themed party
* Russian themed party
* Salsa themed party
* Scottish themed party
* Seaside themed party
* Sesame Beginnings themed party
* Skiing themed party
* Spanish themed party
* Spiderman themed party
* Sporting heroes themed party
* Stars in your eyes themed party
* Star Wars themed party
* Strawberry Shortcake themed party
* Super Hero themed party
* Super Mario Bros. themed party
* Team Edward (Twilight) themed party
* Team Jacob (Twilight) themed party
* Teen Idol themed party
* Tennis themed party
* THE DOG themed party
* Titanic themed party
* Toga themed party
* Toy Story themed party
* Transformers themed party
* Travel themed party
* Tropical themed party
* Twilight (the movie) themed party
* Twilight Zone themed party
* Two Two Train 2nd birthday themed party
* Underwater theme themed party
* Venice themed party
* Victorian themed party
* Voodoo themed party
* Wartime themed party
* Welsh themed party
* Wild West themed party
* Winnie The Pooh themed party
* Winnie the Pooh 1st Birthday Themed party
* Winter Wonderland themed party
* Yo Gabba Gabba themed party

December 5th, 2011

Three Great Gifts for Newborns

montana_20080622_4_bgThree newborn gifts that keep giving

People love to buy baby gifts. Clothes, toys, the newest gadgets – they are all favorites of the savvy shopper. But a newborn quickly outgrows many of the gifts he receives. Some gifts, however, can keep on giving. Books, music, and infant massage or baby yoga classes are three newborn gifts that continue giving long after baby grows up.

Books of all shapes, sizes, and topics make the perfect gift to encourage a lifelong love affair with the written word. The joy of reading is learned early. When you read to your child regularly, you nurture a love of books. There is no better time to begin, than when your baby is born. Story time with your newborn is more about sharing a special bond than reading, but this positive early experience may help your child develop a thirst for knowledge and a healthy attitude toward learning.

From gentle lullabies to classical compositions, early exposure to music may become another gift of a lifetime. When you play music for your baby, they learn the beauty of sound.

Variety is important here. The more types of music your child hears, the more they learn to enjoy. Vocal and instrumental selections expose your baby to different qualities of music, as does playing a variety of musical genres – classical to calm, jazz to uplift, and so on.

Who knows, your baby may even grow up to be a famous singer or musician someday.

Infant massage and baby yoga classes give the gifts of healthy touch and movement. The classes provide a superb bonding opportunity for you and your baby, but they may also do a lot more. What people experience as young children goes a long way toward establishing who they become as adults. Infant massage may help babies learn about their bodies and healthy touch. It also facilitates a strong parent-child bond, which may improve your ability to maintain open communication with your child as he grows.

Likewise, baby yoga classes encourage healthy movement. When you learn to enjoy movement as a child, you carry that into adulthood. Your baby may learn healthier attitudes toward self-care, such as exercise and relaxation, as you model and share these experiences with them in class.

Whether you choose books, music, or infant massage and baby yoga classes, the best gifts for baby are gifts that provide a foundation for healthy growth and development. Not only are they fun to give, they give a little something back as you enjoy watching their benefits unfold in a child’s life.

1 comment October 12th, 2009

It is Back To Schooling and Business Time

If you are like many of us who home school you do take a little vacation from schooling the kids and maybe from your business also, in the summer time. It is about that time to get back to the schooling and the business. That means getting the kids back on a schedule and you too- this can take a little getting used to again.

It’s still possible to have pleasant family mealtimes even after schooling/work has begun but again it will take getting back on a schedule. Check out these back-to-schooling dinner tips for busy Moms who are also WAHMs:

1. Have a meal plan.

The most important key to having relaxed family dinners even on school/work nights is having a meal plan. This will simplify both food shopping and meal preparation, and help you save money to boot.

If you need help, check out Dine Without Whine’s meal and grocery planning service.

2. Try freezer meals.

Cut down on cooking time by cooking large batches and then freezing them for future use.

3. Simplify your schedule.

With school time comes extracurricular activities that could have you running – or driving around – like a headless chicken. Keep things to a minimum. Overloading children with too many extracurricular activities is not good for them. They need downtime too.

4. Get the kids involved in cooking.

Get some help by mobilizing your own troops – your husband and children – as your kitchen helpers. Cooking is an important life skill and now it’s bonding time as well.

5. Have an emergency plan.

No matter how well you plan in advance, something always comes up. Plan for that as well. Always have emergency supplies in the pantry so you can throw together a home-cooked meal at a moment’s notice.

It could be a frozen dinner you prepared during the weekend. Mine is pasta, a can of tomato sauce and whatever vegetables are in the refrigerator.

6. Post your family schedule.

Keep a large calendar on the wall where you can see every family member’s schedule at a glance. It will also help you plan activities around your family dinner times.

7. Set a routine.

Decide on an earlier dinner time, bedtime and wake up time and start following them a few days before schooling officially begins. This way, everybody’s adjusted when the real thing comes.

8. Stay flexible.

Sometimes you just can’t afford disruptions to your meal times. An occasional missed family dinner is no big deal – when you know you’ll have more throughout the week.

9. Consider schooling/work schedules.

Take note of school events the kids may want to be apart of and other activities in your family calendar – so you can plan your family dinners with them in mind.

10. Cook once, eat twice.

Every so often, cook a double batch of meals that can easily be transformed into another entree or side dish. For example, roast 2 chickens. Have one for tonight’s dinner. Chop up the other for chicken salad for later in the week.

11. Organize your kitchen.

If you haven’t done so yet, now’s the time to take stock of your kitchen. Make sure the items you use most often are accessible from your food prep area. Replace the tools that are broken, and get those gadgets that will help you get dinner ready faster.

12. Have a special meal.

Make Friday night Teen’s night – which means they plan and prepare the meal. That is, if you have teens or any child old enough to prepare meals. They’ll learn how to cook, you get the night off (from cooking), and everybody has fun. The only condition is: everybody has to eat what’s prepared.

13. Make it educational.

This idea is for preschool-age kids. Make or buy a special placemat with letter or numbers. Laminate it with Con-Tact paper so it becomes a wipe-off board. Use it only for dinnertimes.

14. More mealtime learning opportunities.

Plan some meals to coincide with specific topics your child is studying. For example, on the night after a field trip you take to a pioneer town, have a pioneer-style meal, cooked outside over an open fire (if allowed in your area).

15. Celebrate schooling successes at dinner.

Celebrate schooling successes with a special family meal. Prepare the child’s favorite meal and prepare a nice dessert. It’s more important to have a meal that’s relaxed and delicious, than one that tool hours to prepare.

16. Nurture relationships.

Get to know your children’s closest friends by inviting them to dinner once in a while.

Follow these tips to make family mealtimes simpler, easier and more fun. For meal planning and grocery shopping help, go to Dine Without Whine.

Your monthly subscription includes a weekly meal plan with recipes for main dishes, side dishes, 2 desserts and 2 brunches.

You’ll also get a weekly grocery shopping list of everything you need to create the recipes. The list is categorized according to grocery sections, so your shopping will be easier and faster.

For a limited time, you can try Dine Without Whine for a penny. Click here to find out how.

August 24th, 2009

WAHM Homeschooling Burnout

When a WAHM takes on the responsibility of also educating her child, homeschool burnout is a common issue. There are many reasons that lead to this burnout: sometimes it starts with an illness, maybe the birth of a new baby, could be just a change in routine.

How do you know if you are experiencing burnout? Well, the symptoms vary from lack of patience to overeating and crying without any apparent reasons. Surprisingly, a burnout need not be such a bad thing. It is a wake-up call – an indicator that things are not going well and that you need to rethink how you are handling things. Reversing or avoiding a burnout is possible if you get fair warning.

To make sure you avoid burn out,lower your expectations. Do not be a perfectionist. Take the good days with the bad. Next, when something does not seem to work, look for alternative methods. Flexibility is a key factor. If tension starts mounting, take a break. When necessary, change your style of teaching. For instance, small children love to take on their spelling when they can quiz their parent on their spelling words.

Avoid overkill. Do not pack too many activities for the sake of filling time for your child. A worn out mom means a grouchy kid and that means no one is happy. Get support from your spouse or a neighbor or a support group. Don’t try to achieve everything by yourself. Homeschooling means ‘happy schooling’ – don’t forget that.

April 27th, 2009

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